Executive Team

Tyler D’Costa

C.M.O. (Chief Marketing Officer) at Sailient Strat-Comm Corp

FOUNDER of Sailient Strat-Comm Corp.

B.A. Combined Honours; Communications & Canadian History

McMaster University

“I ensure proper communication between client and company and also ensure that we are marketing our client’s interests on a frequent basis, consistently, with top quality always being a top priority.”

Kyle D’Costa

C.E.O. (Chief Executive Officer)

Co-founder of Sailient Strat-Comm Corp.

“I enforce effective operations within Sailient Strat-Comm to ensure deadlines are met, and our clients are pleased with our overall service.”

kevin maclellan

Kevin MacLellan

C.F.O. (Chief Financial Officer)

Honours Bachelor of Commerce

McMaster University

“I structure client’s budgets, so they can get the most out of their R.O.I.”

By getting our hands involved, it frees up time for you to do what you are a professional at.

In all of our packages, we include a free consultation and advising. What we offer is just advice and as a company, we understand that ultimately it is the client’s decision, and we will work hard to make your vision come to life.  When hiring our Sailient team you gain years of experience to your team. We can help bring a new perspective to the table and help implement a strategy that will benefit the client’s R.O.I.


Our team’s top priority is to put together a marketing strategy that our client is happy with. At Sailient Strat-Comm, our goal is to bring small to mid-sized businesses to a new level of prominence within their respected communities. We understand that the business world has evolved and is now heavily shaped around the online world. Sailient Strat-Comm makes it their personal priority to create, market, and maintain the client’s online entities so that they can rest assured, that their brand is being properly represented online.

Social media helps even the playing field for small businesses by allowing them to get their message out to the masses. We work tirelessly to improve our clients Google rank. This is done by strategic management of both social media, and S.E.O. services, which Sailient Strat-Comm provides for their client’s.